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Whale displaces $ 1.3 billion in BTC


Whale displaces $ 1.3 billion in BTC

Whale decides to transfer more than a billion dollars in Bitcoins (BTC)

It’s a Reddit user who noted this colossal transfer thanks to the Bitcoin Block Bot alert bot. The three transactions made it possible to move 44,235 BTC, 44 085 BTC then 43 935 BTC at one minute intervals. Bitcoins have been registered in block 634 133. In total, these are 132,255 BTC who have been transferred, while the Bitcoin price is approaching 10,000 dollars again.

There is currently no information on the nature of the transfer or the identity of the whale who chose to put this billion in BTC into motion. But as usual, speculation is rife. Some people think thatit can be Coinbase Custody, the guard service of the American exchange platform.

Others point to Bitcoin jumped 200 dollars at the same time: it could allow the whale to gain a gain of … $ 26 million in the space of ten minutes.

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All this shows in any case the solidity of the Bitcoin network. Traditional payment systems would never have allowed such a large amount of money to be transferred in a matter of minutes, let alone internationally. We can also note the transaction costs, which are insignificant compared to the amount moved. The transfer of 44,235 BTC (433,393,739 dollars at the current price) thus only cost 0.00005880 BTC in transaction fees … Or 0.58 dollar!

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