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EthereumReport # 5 | Ethereum France


EthereumReport # 5 | Ethereum France

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EthereumReport is:

  • A weekly newsletter dedicated to Ethereum.
  • A recap ’of ecosystem news.
  • An illustrated explanation.
  • The discovery of a medium to dig.

All this in French and in your mailbox every Tuesday!

The EthereumReport recap

Hello everyone and welcome to this fifth edition of EthereumReport.

This week in broad outline it is the additions of WBTC and USDT on the respective Maker and Compound protocols. It is also the creation of a $ 512 million investment fund dedicated to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. But it is also the development at cruising speed of many projects, the presentation of new ERC potentials who wish to make Ethereum evolve.

Finally I suggest you go further in your monitoring / understanding of Ethereum’s decentralized finance, in French. This is therefore an article on the addition of the wrapped-BTC in the functioning of the stability of the Dai as well as an explanation in video which awaits you at the end of publication.

The past week of the ecosystem

Ethereum side:

  • Follow the latest developer meeting. The EIPs linked to the elliptical curves and subroutines of the EVM are on the program. Clap of end for ProgPow which did not reach a frank consensus. 📃
  • Analysis of the EIP2315, the subroutines of the EVM. 🕵🏻‍♂️
  • Minutes of the meeting on changes to the management of transaction fees. 📃
  • Vitalik Frequently Asked Questions on the changes in the operation of transaction fees (EIP1559). 🤔

Ecosystem news:

Governance and CAD issues:

Proposals for standards:

  • Final phase forERC1363. ⛓
  • Final phase forERC1193. ⛓
  • ERC2611: Ethereum for tracing applications alongside the Covid-19. 🕵🏻‍♂️
  • ERC2612: Addition of a permit function. 👨‍💻
  • ERC2357: Replacement of the current difficulty by the total difficulty in the headers of the blocks. ⛓

Your favorite Dapps:

But also some other surprises!


From Guillaume Chanut: Source link

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