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99 – Paper – The way to ฿ ITCOIN


99 – Paper – The way to ฿ ITCOIN

le papier.jpg, Mar 2020It must be believed that “despite my free will” I have with the publication of Objective Thune somewhat accelerated the spread of Tintin memes in the cryptocurrency community.

In any case they send me all kinds, from best to worst …

This one which, for the sake of my readers, I have reproduced with better definition, has led to fruitful correspondence and conversations.

Beyond what would have been only a triviality when the highest authorities incited us to continue living, going out, work hard play hard and all these things of a suddenly abolished past, the rush on the so-called toilet paper reveals many things and probably looks like inaugural. Especially since the currency is also paper …

My accomplice and co-author Philippe Ratte addressed this erudite comment to me: “The most fundamental revelation that this pandemic brings us is the importance of toilet paper. Barthes had written a sublime text on the DS as a symbol of an era, well the Covid, also 19, erects the PQ as an icon of our world. In the past, we used to store pasta, sugar and oil. Even in 1968, my mother reacted like this. Nobody, really nobody at the time would have considered the PQ as a staple food. Today, yes, tied with noodles! When you think about it (“because what to do in a lodging unless you think about it?” Said La Fontaine with reason), it is a real change of civilization which is thus revealed to us “.

First i went back to the text by Barthes. He explicitly compares the DS … to a cathedral, “a great creation of the time, passionately designed by unknown artists, consumed in its image, if not in its use”. The memory of my friend therefore flashes where it hurts, especially since the somewhat impious promise to rebuild it more beautiful and in 5 years will obviously be classified in the radius of annoying quotes which only can remember ironic historians.

But Barthes analyzed above all a material perfection of the DS which he certainly would not have attributed to the so-called “smooth bubble-rope” paper because of its rope color, made from canvas bags or sneakers and which n was not specially recognized for extreme sweetness. It seems that we only find a few vestiges in the SNCF toilets.

However amusing the comparison of the two numbers “19”, the most interesting in the reaction of my friend Philippe Ratte is the mention of May 68 and his mother. Why didn’t our parents (I speak for those whose parents were born between the wars) not store toilet paper?

Because it was then a new product, not necessarily accessory or useless but without connection to the heroic tales of the great war (the poilus wanted soap to relieve themselves, not paper to get clean) or of this terrible year where the ‘we ate rat for lack of pangolin.

the patent of 1857.jpg, mar 2020If the toilet paper dates from 1857 and the roll patent from 1891, this product, which significantly came from new world, did not become popular in France until the early 1960s. It is an attribute of the Thirty glorious. Like the checkbook, this other precious emancipating paper artifact, it is therefore an object of female conquest.

There are few witnesses left to ask for details on the state of the art … namely on the final reading of the newspaper, in the cabinets, before cutting.

The disappearance of the paper press (and its torcheculs) probably made toilet paper even more essential, not to mention the substitution of body worship for all previous religions.

I come (gradually but you have time there) to money.

From its democratization, the “PQ” is affected by the evil of this time: inflation.

40 years before the expression “sorcerer’s apprentices” comes to designate the little magicians of finance, it is on the music of Paul Dukas that baby deploys without moderation the charm “soft, very soft, resistant, very resistant “Of this instrument of comfort. This advertisement marked. We do not see it today without discomfort: a surfer even identified it here like his childhood trauma!

aux toilets.jpg, Tue 2020Another bitcoiner friend (who will recognize himself) sent me this, which seems to me inspired less by the contempt for banknotes (bitcoiners like cash) than by the context of sudden reappearance of money Magic.

The old expression of “billboard” does not correspond any more to any concrete reality (the financial technique as the impression made progress since the assignats) but it retains all its evocative power.

Transformed into banknotes, the 45 billion here and 300 billion there, placed on the ground in the center of a parking lot, would undoubtedly be much less valuable than the last commodities available at the supermarket, to say nothing of the few quality masks or a few chloroquine wafers that the 6th world economic power no longer has.

The “PQ” version of Blue Lotus will never exceed the simple cover of a nonexistent album. Neither more nor less than the elements of language that we are brought up to wrap up. But Tintin, even on false permission, is always a very effective guide to reflect on our time!

From Jacques Favier: Source link

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